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My Reiki Journey

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Hi guys,

This post will be a bit different and much more personal. I will be talking about my personal story with Reiki.

I was initiated into Reiki during what was probably in the most uncertain moment of my life. I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t want to accept certain things and it was causing me sadness, I was being my own enemy not allowing me to grow and mostly be. At this time I was living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My excuse was that I was finishing my university studies and I had a huge desire to find myself.

I always say that I didn’t search for Reiki, instead Reiki found me. And it was through my dearest friend Pame. She saw in me something special that I was not able to see by myself, at the moment. She is not my Reiki master but certainly she has been a master to me in other ways.

I was always a very open minded person, very respectful with others point of view, beliefs, etc. But most importantly I was and I am still a veeeeery curious. And I wanted to know more about this ancient technique called Reiki.

My Initiation into Reiki

This was when I got my first attunement/ syntonisation. It was a really special moment even if I was a bit skeptical and just trying. My first impression about Reiki was something very natural, deeply connected with love and compassion. Just to clarify, attunement is what makes Reiki unique from other forms of healing touch and energy work. This ceremony is performed by the reiki master during each level to open and expand the main energy channels of the student's body, allowing universal energy to flow more freely and deeply through them.

After initiation, the more I practised, the more I started to feel a real empowering sensation. It was as if a veil fell from my eyes and I got to see the real world.

How is this possible? I know it seems so easy that it is difficult to believe, but Reiki is such a natural innate skill in all of us that when you awaken it, it knows the way.

learning the different levels of reiki

The first level is mostly for yourself. It is an opportunity to cleanse your energy channel and to heal yourself on a physical level. The more treated myself, the more conscious of the physical world I became. I started enjoying the simple things in life and seeing beauty all around me. It was nothing less than magical.

But it was not until the second level of Reiki, which is focused on opening up the heart chakra. This is when the emotional changes start.

Believing the effectiveness of the attunement was effortless for me. Old emotions, unhealed situations, past lives and negative mental patterns resurface to be healed. No one said it would be easy and you have to understand that when we talk about emotions, it is not easy to access or confront it with out suffering. But Reiki is so fluid and natural, you can feel it is the right way. And it actually was.

Perspective, impact and Life afterwards

When I arrived back to my country, Spain, I was another person. I had the same essence but I felt 100 times better. This time I knew who I was, what I wanted and I had a clear revelation that I was the only one able to put limits on myself.

My mantra is that "Reiki changes your energy and changes your life". I assure you that the ones around you will notice the effects immediately. When you are in balance, out of stress, happy and in peace... everybody next to you will feel attracted to who you are as a person.

For many years, I had a personal use for Reiki, to continue healing myself, family and friends.

A couple of years later, when I moved to London, many of my mental structures changed. I had to somehow remake myself, start from scratch. I didn’t know a word of English and I felt like a bird with out wings. This chapter required quite a bit effort in all senses and I left Reiki aside. Later on I would come to regret this.

During this time, I started to grow so much professionally. I gave all my energy for a job and a company that drained me in all aspects. When I wanted to notice it, I was anxious, stressed, sad and depressed. I felt lost and with out purpose. At that moment, I literally hit rock bottom. Probably some of you will understand exactly what I am talking about. Thankfully, once again Reiki found its way towards me. How could I have forgotten about Reiki?? Reiki was the only thing at this time which gave me enough strength to overcome that stage.

Look, life is a journey of learning and we have to take it with all the good and the bad. But with out any doubt, Reiki gave me the power, the confidence, showed me different ways and made me better.

Honestly, sometimes it is difficult to put into words what Reiki is or how energy works. But when you experience the beauty, it all makes sense.

Since then, I haven't stopped searching, studying, practising, investigating and learning more about Reiki and myself. I decided to make of Reiki a fundamental part of my life.

It took me to the third level of Reiki and the mastery, what showed me a true purpose.

My purpose now

To help others as a master to share and to teach Reiki, be a practitioner who uses this gift to heal people and to be an inspiration to others in their life.

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