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Adrian Rambla is a multi-disciplinary energy healer and therapist. Generally, his clients have an interest in personal development, or are interested in healing from emotional issues like trauma, anxiety or depression. For physical injuries, his energy healing sessions also complement traditional Western medicine/ therapies. All initial sessions involve a consultation, where he works together with his clients to understand their needs, in order to help them to facilitate positive change in mind, body and spirit.

What to expect in a session at Raembla

During my trajectory as therapist, I have been known for my proximity, kindness and humanity, but also my professionalism, dedication to my clients and the use of powerful techniques.

My 10 years of practice, gave me the wisdom to understand the mind, body and spirit. And all the possibilities around the balance of these 3 main pillars of our consciousness, bringing lasting results in my clients. This is a transformational therapy! My method has proven huge benefits in the treatment of anxiety, depression or trauma.

The combination of energetic techniques with strategic psychology and coaching will give you the tools to be strong and confident again. To learn to love yourself and find happiness in the present moment. You will connect with your true self and discover your purpose in life. This is far of a conventional therapy. And I am not a common therapist. I am a teacher, a guide, a healer, the hand you need and I will stay with you through all the process giving all the support needed.

Every session will be different and you will feel healing from the first second. My methodology contains lot of teachings, life lessons for you to put in practice. I will follow up your progress couching you and making the necessary adjustments for you to achieve your goals. I find joy  helping and healing others. And for this reason, when someone comes to me, I give them all my trust. There is no time or space, just my focus to understand the reason of your unbalances, your issues. And how to work closely with you to find the best treatment. In order to that, an initial consultation is necessary to acknowledge the specific points where to work and to draw the best strategy to hit directly the root of the problem.

Sessions can be performed online or in person. The duration of the session depends on the treatment. You can choose to go for individual sessions, a pack of sessions or bring real transformation with a Treatment Plan, tailored for you. Combination of all my techniques. Intervention, strategic coaching, breathwork, energy healing…

The duration of a Treatment Plan will depend on the client commitment, initiative and action. With a minimum of 2 months of weekly sessions. We will create the best body environment for you to heal Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wounds. My method will give you the tools to be strong and confident again. And I will stay with you through all the process giving all the support needed to help you to be where you want to be, create your best version and find your true purpose in life. At this point I will take the words of Takata, who helped to introduce the spiritual practice of Reiki to the Western World and use to say: “I can’t tell you, but I can show you”
Please feel free to contact me with no compromise, and bring your questions and doubts about this transformational therapy.

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