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Breathwork Classes

In a series of 4 sessions, you will learn about ancient yoga breathing practices informed by modern science to provide safe, practical exercises that deliver immediate results. 

The ability to consciously control our breathing is said to influence our mental, emotional or physical state, with profound therapeutic effects. With guided breathing techniques, you can boost your metabolism & digestion, lower your heart rate, lower your cortisol levels and sleep better at night

What is Breathwork and how does it help release trauma(s) from your body?

Note: Video autoplays on mute, make sure to click the volume button to switch on sound.

What if I told you there is an exercise that was so powerful, that it can change the PH of your blood, it can make it more acidic or more alkaline in minutes?

What if I said this exercise could boost your digestion, lower your heart rate, lower your cortisol levels, reduce your stress and anxiety, improve you concentration, sports performance, balance your energies and help you go to sleep at night?

What if I said to you this same exercise practise in an extreme fashion could create LSD-like experiences, out of body experiences and release trauma trapped in the body, and heal your emotions? All this and so much more can be achieved through Breathwork in a natural and secure way.

The breathing exercises are very accessible and you will be able to feel the results after just one session. I discovered breathing and its benefits during my journey as a holistic practitioner, adapting this practise myself and with my clients along the years. I have witnessed its incredible benefits myself, observing the reduction of the symptoms from stress and anxiety, inducing relaxation and even treating respiratory problems

From all the vital functions that exist, digestion, pulmonary and cardiac, the breathing is the only one that we can control with our willpower. And I can teach you how to take advantage of it. At this stage, it is not crazy to simply understand the power of breathing, it's something that we do automatically. Without it, we could not survive.
Breathing is a reflection of our emotions, but also an ingredient. We don’t breathe the same way when we are relaxed (from the stomach) and when we are stressed (from the chest (short and shallow breaths). But we can change it and change our emotional state and ultimately, our health. Let me teach you how to breath and you will not just learn about oxygen, CO2, nervous system, but something even more fascinating. Our life force energy, KI or Chi that moves through us, connects all our system. I will show you how it can be regulated through breath. I promote a daily practice of Breathwork, which is free once you learn it, and it doesn’t have side effects, unlike most of medications.
When I meet my clients, I try to teach them to create a sustainable and long life. And one of the things I teach them is to breath consciously. Because I have learned something fascinating about human beings through my experience and my clients. Every cell of our body, every atom that make us, is
made of energy. Imagine having the key to regulate our life force energy and the immense impact to our bodies, minds and emotions all thanks to Breathwork.

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