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Strategic Intervention

Strategic Intervention is a powerful technique that combines the best of psychology and coaching techniques to bring strong and durable results to your life in just a session. The therapy process is designed to address the full spectrum of life's challenges on your mental and emotional wellbeing. Sessions available in English, Spanish & Portuguese.

100% Happiness Guarantee: If you don't see changes after the first session, a second one will be offered for free. If after this process you are not happy a full refund will be made.

What is Strategic Intervention and how can it help you?

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This powerful tool helps you to discover and heal an emotional wound from the past, unlocks a limiting belief, and/or raises the potential of a person, couple, or group.

Strategic intervention is the result of the union of the most effective and powerful techniques within psychology, coaching and personal development. It is a systematised and proven technique that helps to change the emotion that a specific event or experience generated in you, or that led you to make a key decision at a young age. Without intervention, these emotions can now be limiting, blocking and stopping your development in life.

Almost all of us carry certain emotional wounds from our primary loves or guardians. When we are little they are a source of knowledge and authority, so we accept their opinions or actions towards us as valid. These emotional wounds were not necessarily made consciously, but which as children, we coded giving it a meaning.

For example: if my father does not play with me, he does not give me love, attention or rejects me, it is because there is something wrong with me, I am not worth enough.  

When sometimes it is because he is tired, he doesn't know how to handle me or he works a lot. Maybe they promised you something and then it couldn't be.  And you feel betrayed.  

Or your little brother did something bad and they blame you.  Well that could be injustice for us as kids, no?  In this way we are or are not depending on the interaction with our parents or guardians.

In those moments and unconsciously we make decisions. These wounds or ideas are not questioned and are settled in our base operating system and from there an ego is built, a reality.

As an interventor, my job is to detect the neuroplastic genesis, 

the key moment where that emotional conflict or injury was originated. To strategically change or generate a new emotion, to help you now, to make a new decision. The change the feeling is key for unlocking an existing limiting emotion.

It is useless to understand what is happening to you if you cannot change how you feel about it. That is why the main objective of an intervention is to change the feeling regarding an experience.

These key decisions we make mainly at a young age, where our brains are binary: good/bad, they love me/they don't love me, I'm worth/I'm not worth, black or white. When we are little human beings without much experience, simple vocabulary, without cognitive development or emotional intelligence.  Decisions made in difficult times, stress or survival.  

Where what we are looking for is the adaptation, acceptance or love of a tutor, father, mother...

All those decisions and meanings are what define many of the beliefs about ourselves.

Low vibrational level emotions such as: anger or rage, fear, sadness, guilt or shame, can be generated from these key moments in our childhood. Does this ring a bell?


 However, as a human being, the only thing we seek is to feel good.  We seek pleasure and run away from pain.  

And when we don't know how to do it, we can use the wrong vehicles. Power or abusive relationships, drugs, social isolation, etc. Falling into depressive behaviors, anxiety attacks, suffocated in lives that do not satisfy us and behavior patterns that keep us from our objectives and mission.


 A Strategic Intervention session can take place online or in person and typically lasts approximately 2 hours.  

In which with the use of strategic questions I will guide you through your emotions and memories.

 Questions that will allow you to access very important information that you may have hidden.


 The good news is that I can help you solve those blocks, remove guilt, pain and generate peace, understanding and love that help you achieve your goals.


What are you waiting for?


You are the most important project you will work on!

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